In this website we want to share all type of make money in over the world. And we want to share all way all type make money and all of best way in 2017-2018.

Make Money from app:

How to monetize our apps with google ads Ad Mob for make money.  55% people make money from google admob at home  by internet online. If you want to make money online from online at home perform the following few step and make money at home very easy.

If you have no any app so create any app online. click Here for complete procedural Click Now the following  link .

How we can  Monetize Our App (make money from app)

Only Tree (3) Step follow and make money from you apps  How we can  Monetize Our App (make money from app) is given the following Three (3) Step.


First of all create any app on Or Android studio what do you want.  Now monetize your app. if your  create app on . Visit and click  login button. enter your email id , gmail id and password and click login.


Now click on  Monetize button left side on top.

Now will appear this page. select Banner Ads or Interstitial Ads past ads unit id  if you want  to add only Banner Ads or only  Interstitial Ads  And Or both  Banner and Interstitial from admob or other ads company. If you admob account sin-in your admob account or not you have admob account go to admob website  click sing up and enter gmail and password if you have not any gmail id so click on create account  button fill the form . after creation gmail id  click now sing up  if you already admob account so click sing in and enter your gmail id and password and click on sing in. If you not admob account click on this link,


Fill the form and click on the box for  accept to google policy and term & condition and read google  policy and term & condition. now click on  CREATE ADMOB ACCOUNT   button.

Now will appear a page and write on  You’ve successfully created your AdMob account!We’ve created new AdSense and AdWords accounts for you and connected them to AdMob. If you cancel or remove yourself from one of these accounts, you’ll also lose access to AdMob.

Click all yes and click NEXT: VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT button. And now will appear this page  Verify your account.

Write Mobile phone number include with country code. like i am from Pakistan my mobile phone number is +923001234567890 i write. Select verify methods what do you want like i select “Text message (SMS) (Message” OR select  “Voice call” and click on the CONTINUE button. AdMob company will sand you verification code message or vice call what do select.

Make money money

When you click on CONTINUE button so will appear this following page.

Now enter pin admob sent to your phone number and click on VERIFY button. If you have do not revive admob verification pin so click on RESEND PIN button. Admob company pin will sent to you again.

When click you on VERIFY button you will appear this following page. and this page will  consist on Success! Your account has been verified.

Make money money


Now click on CONTINUE TO ADMOM button. after the clicking you to will open admob  Home page.  click on GET STARTED button or if you want to watch video click video.


After the clicking  GET STARTED button you will appear this following page. If Have you published your app on Google Play or the App Store click yes. And do not  you published your app on Google Play or the App Store so click on no.

When you click on “no” you will opening this  the following page. ask from you Enter your app information. Write you app name and Select your Platform  select Android and click ADD button.

Make money money

After the clicking  ADD button you will open this following page.Congrats! Your app has been added to AdMob. now click NEXT:CREATE AD UNIT button.

Clicking after NEXT:CREATE AD UNIT button. you will open this following page. Ask  from you Select  your ads format.

When you select any ads format. you will open this page. Write any name for ads unit like i write name  “my apps 1” now click save button.


After the clicking  save button will appear this following page. Now copy this Banner  ad unit id and click DONE button OR you want another  ad id like for Interstitial,Rewarded video and Native so click  CREATE ANOTHER AD UNIT button.


Banner ad unit id past on the banner place and interstitial ads unit id past on the interstitial place.

and click now on Save button. click on Dashboard and click on right side download link.

Now download app and share with your friend or share this link with friend on social media like Facebook,You Tube, Google Plus, twitter and other  if you use any other social media.. Or publish on google play store or apple store and or  amazon store and and make money from your app.     like my apps link Click  Browser kpk For Jobs


make money online


When you or your Friends, user visit to your apps link so will opening this following page. Now click on download button  and perform next step download will be start.

Make money




How to make money google Ad-sense:

We make two  type make lot of  money in all over the world from google ad sense it is the following two type and a few step.


  1. YouTube videos monetize:

    First step: create  google gmail ID gmail account.
    2nd step: create  YouTube channel.
    3rd step: now apply to google Ad-sense  account from YouTube website direct.visit YouTube main page and login your click My channel and click Video manager. after clicking the video manager now click Channel and search monetization option and click enable it. now contentious it fill all next form and end of finish.

    YouTube has currently introduced Pakistan to the listing of countries which now can participate in the YouTube accomplice application in which video creators can monetize their movies through showing Google commercials to make cash onlineif you have been someone who had such a lot of useful motion pictures on YouTube and were not capable of make cash out of it then it’s time to start chilling because the time has subsequently come.
  2. Website monetize:

    How we cane monetize our website. Procedural is the following a few step.
    First step: Create a website or Blog and fully launch it.
    2nd step: Now apply to google adsense and past your domain name in the google adsense which place has required.
    3rd step: Now copy the code HTML code from google adsense and past in your website main header themes or header and search <head> and head tag between past and now click update it.

    Introduction to the whole Make cash list:

    to start withthat is a entire listing of earning profits on linebut, there might be new ways or unwell-known methods to make money on line which you may proportion inside the comment, so i will consist of that as nicely. Secondly, among the techniques I’ve utilized myself and have earned with that, however the relaxation techniques also are very & valid. And sooner or later, it’s a hundredtrue that you may make cash at the neti will guarantee you this. some of the techniques indexed under may bedescribed with a description, and the relaxation will be just names of the techniques.

    So, here is the whole list of incomes methods whilst working from domestic, I’ll be including more technique sonce I find them, and you may additionally upload something in remark which might be lacking. And don’t forget to share this publish together with your pals on Social Media and so on.


    Upwork is the global leader of freelancing and outsourcing. you can begin making money on by using growing an account (that is unfastenedand begin applying for jobs according to your abilities. Upwork has more than 5 million clients prepared to offer jobs and work.


    Fiverr is a mini-freelancing internet site in which you can genuinely show off your competencies and appeal tocustomers/customers in the direction of your merchandise and creativity. you can start making easy cash with Fiverr which starts from $5 and finally emerge as with heaps of dollars.


every other famous platform for freelance work is, this platform gives online work in one of a kind categories including statistics access, programming, consultancy, net improvement and lots of extra.

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing

one of the famous structures for selling products of other humans and take a fee on that. ShareSale is an affiliate machine in which you may begin promoting physical merchandise and on each unmarried a successbuy, you’ll get a handsome commission. Don’t be too overdue if you have individuals who are interested inbuying on line.
LinkShare is some other giant in on-line advertising and mainly in associate advertising and marketing. There are tens of millions of merchandise (commonly digital merchandise) which you can sell and earn a completelygood-looking quantity thru commissions. every buy that comes thru your associate link will generate at the least 50% commission for you, and that’s greater than enough. So what are you looking ahead tojust movethere and create an account.
vintage but gold, Clickbank remains attractive for associate marketersyou can sell any product that is being displayed on the clickbank marketplace. There are virtual merchandise which can be a fit on your audience or human beings you know, and there is a big commission on specific productsonce in a while you get 90commission on an object that is via your hyperlink.
The large large of on-line shopping and bodily merchandise is you could turn out to be an associate there to promote the fancy products which are beneficial for everybody. Amazon gives productswhich might be daily utilized by almost each person, so probabilities are that you can make extra cash than you count on when you have humans to your listing who desires to shop for matters on line. Click Junction
click Junction is a few of the pinnacle 5 affiliate networks wherein you could come to be a writer with them through promoting any kind of products consisting of physical merchandise or virtual merchandise. It has thousands and thousands of advertisers who use it for promoting their merchandise. As a CJ publisheryou canmake greater and extra money by using promoting merchandise for your weblog/website online and on social networking profiles.
Some other giant on this enterprise is eBay, you may get the opportunity to be a publisher of eBay and beginpromoting the goods (physical) to make cash on the internet. It promises products to all around the global, and the goods are of daily use.

Making Money via Blogging is a free blogging platform (CMS) which you could use to create your loose blog inside a few minutes, and the usage of that blog you can begin making a living on line through showing advertisements and associate hyperlinksyou can additionally make cash with your blogger blog by publishing paid posts and sponsored opinions. is a loose blog publishing platform, in which you could create your blog without spending a dime after which you could begin making a living with the aid of showing advertisements and paid posts and so forth. Your blog will appear like, due to the fact this will provide you a loose sub-area.

Make money by means of promoting websites & domain name:

The maximum popular platform for selling websitesdomain names and applications is Flippa. This internet sitehas tens of millions of consumers who are prepared to buy your sites and domain nameshuman beings have made hundreds of thousands of bucks through doing this commercial enterpriseyou may register a new areaor can purchase an old domain call after which can sell it without problems through common web sites are offered between $200 to $20000 dollars.

Make cash (money) with CPA Networks:

CPA stands for price in step with movement, that’s implywhilst a person takes action in your link, you’ll get a handsome commission for that motion completed through the traveler. The motion is probably some thing like a buysign ondownload or whatever the advertiser has stated. You simply need to pick out a CPA provide and sell it via your circle. underneath is the list of top CPA networks which you can use to make money online, the listis with appreciate to the series of this text.


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