How to Make Money Online  in Pakistan at Home from Affiliate Program on

How to Make Money Online  in Pakistan at Home from Affiliate Program on

If you want to make money online internet at home. your work is share or promote product link  product mean Laptop,Appliances, Phones, Fashion, Health & Fitness, Kids & “Baby Products” and More Types: Smartphones, Iphone  Appliances, Computing, Fashion, Clothing, Fitness,Brands:

Apple, Samsung, Infinix, Orient, PEL, Electrolux, Kenwood,

Haier, Gree and many more generate the product link and promote on your social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter ,google plus or promote the link  on your website. when sell the product any one  from your link company  give you 11% commission. online make money # 1 to 4 step for affiliate program follow the following #step. If you want to watch  full video tutorial. present in this page video of the end.

Step #1:


First go to  on  website. Now  go to down  and click on  become to affiliate link for sing up

. now click  signup automatically open  new window  of the browser  now appear the filling form.



Now fill the form correctly. after the form

filling submit the form. email to your email

address.check our inbox or spam folder . check mail open this and search the confirmation link now  copy total link and  open new browser window past link and now press enter button to verify your affiliate program request. The confirmation time mix 3 or 4 mints.



When you verify the request. team


review your request and your detail or data those detail you enter the filling time in the form.If this data is correct data so team approve your request other wise not approve your affiliate request. please enter correct data in the form if you want make money from at home.

If approved your request then follow the step #4 other wise wait for approval.


Now generate  the product code and share on your facebook ,google plus,twitter,youtube and any other social media. How we can generate code of the product. watch this video. In this video all procedural present.


If you want by video to watch this video


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