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This academic will educate you the basics of the way to build an Android app using the Android Studio improvement environment. As Android gadgets emerge as an increasing number of commoncall for for brand spanking new apps will handiest growth. Android Studio is an easy to use (and freedevelopment environs meant  analyze on. it’s nice if one has a operating information of the Java programming language for this educational because it’s far the language used by Android. There might not be tons code used on this academic, so i can count on which you understand enough Java to apprehend or are willing to look up what you don’t knowthis may take kind of 30-60 minutesdepending on how fast you are capable of down load and deploy Android Studio. After the use of this tutorial to create your first Android app, you will be well in your way to a a laugh new hobby or probably even a promising profession in cellular improvement.

    Step# 1: Install Android Studio:

go to

  1. Go to to download and install  Android Studio and install java sdk.
  2. Step #: Open a New Project

    Open Android Studio.
    2. underneath the “quick begin” menu, pick “start a brand new Android Studio venture.”
    at the “Create New task” window that opens, name your assignment “Hello World”.
    3. if you pick to, set the organisation name as preferred*.
    observe where the project report vicinity is and change it if preferred.
    4. click “next.”
    5. make sure on that “phone and tablet” is the best box this is checked.
    6. if you are planning to check the app on your cellphonemake sure the minimum SDK is beneath your phone‘s operating device level.
    7. click on “next.”
    8. choose “blank interest.”
    9. click “subsequent.”
    10. leave all of the pastime name fields as they’re.
    11. click “finish.”
    *Be aware Note it is typical naming conference in Android initiatives to set the organization call as some form of “”.

  3. Step# : Edit the Welcome Message in the Main Activity

    1. Navigate to the activity_main.xml tab if it isn’t always already open.
    2. make certain that the layout tab is open on the activity_main.xml display.
    3. click and drag the “good dayglobal!” from the upper left nook of the phone show to the middle of the display screen.
    4. in the challenge record machine on the left aspect of the window, open the values folder.
    5. within the values folder, double-click the strings.xml document.
    6. on this documentfind the line “howdy world!”.
    7. After the “hey global!” message, add “Welcome to my app!”
    8. Navigate returned to the activity_main.xml tab.
    9. make sure that your targeted textual content now reads “howdy international! Welcome to my app!”

  4. Step #: Add a Button to the Main Activity

    1. Navigate to the design tab of the activity_main.xml show.

    2. inside the Palette menu to the left of the smartphone displayfind Button (below the heading Widgets).
    3. click on and drag Button to be centered underneath your welcome message.
    4. make sure your button remains decided on.
    5. in the properties menu (at the proper side of the window), scroll down to locate the sector for “textual content.”
    6. alternate the textual content from “New Button” to “subsequent page.”

  5. Step #: Create a Second Activity:

    1. on the pinnacle of the undertaking‘s file machine tree, right click on on “app.”
    2. Navigate via to New > activity > clean hobby.
    3. alternate the name of this pastime to “SecondActivity”.
    4. click “finish.”
    5. ensure you are within the layout view of activity_second.xml.
    6. Drag the textual content field within the higher left of the smartphone display right down to the center as you did on the main activity.
    7. With the text field nevertheless selectedfind the “identity” area in the houses menu at the proper, and set it to “text2”.
    8. Open strings.xml again.
    9. upload a brand new line beneath “hey international! Welcome to my app!” that reads “Welcome to the second one web page!”.
    10. Navigate back to activity_second.xml.
    11. pick out the text box again.
    12. inside the houses pane, set the “text” subject to “@string/second_page”.
    13. ensure that the textual content field now reads “Welcome to the second page!” and is in the middle of the display screen inside the cellphone show.

  6. Step #: Write the Button’s “on Click” Method

1.  select the tab alongside the pinnacle of the work environment.
2. upload the subsequent strains of code on the stop of the onCreate approach:

Button button = (Button) findViewById(R.identity.button);

button.setOnClickListener(new View.onClickListener() {


public void onClick(View v) {




3upload the subsequent method to the bottom of the MainActivity elegance:

non-public void goToSecondActivity() {

motive intent = new reason(this, SecondActivity.elegance);



4click the + subsequent to import at the 1/3 line of to expand the import statements.

fiveadd the following to the stop of the import statements if they’re no longer already there:

import android.content material.motive;

import android.view.View;

import android.widget.TextView;

Step# 7: Test the Application:

  1. click on the inexperienced play symbol from the toolbar at the pinnacle of the Android Studio window.
    2. when the “pick out tool” dialog apperas (this could take a few moments), pick out the “Lauch emulator” option.
    3. click good enough.
    4. while the emulator opens (this too may want to take awhile), the app will mechanically release the app upon the digital cellphone being unlocked.
    5. make certain that all of your text displays efficaciously and that the button takes you to the subsequent page.

Step# 8: Up, Up, and Away:

Congrats! you have now completed your first Android utility with a few simple functionality. Your completed app should have a page greeting the person and a button that takes the consumer to a 2nd page.

From right here you have the cursory understanding you need to move directly to examine all there may be to understand about Android software development.


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